November Birthstone Necklace Topaz

      . LUCK . LOVE . HONESTY .
      We created a collection of beautiful, delicate birthstone necklace that can be worn alone or mixed with our other birthstone or initial charms to create a unique charm necklace that's meaningful to you.

      Topaz is the birthstone for November. Wear it to represent your Birthday, or your childs, partners or a loved one to keep them close to your heart. 

      Even if Topaz doesn't have a connection to a special birth month, if you feel drawn to the stone and want to wear a piece that helps to manifest luck, love and honesty this is the one for you.
      Chain Length: 16" long with a 2" extender allowing you to wear the necklace at 16", 17" or 18". Perfect for layering.
      Measurements: Charm 8mm link 8mm total 16mm

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