Murae is a British jewellery brand founded by Kate Murnane. Kate started her journey into the world of jewellery design when she launched her first accessories business Dolly Bow Bow in 2010 at the age of 19. The brand was quirky and fun with a nod to 90’s nostalgia, kitsch charm necklaces and floral hair accessories. The brand grew from strength to strength as Kate built her presence on You Tube and social media, sharing her passions for fashion and beauty with her audience. Her pieces quickly became popular with bloggers and You Tubers featuring her pieces on their platforms and her jewellery spotted on celebrities such as Little Mix and Pixie Lott.

      In 2014 Kate became a mum to her first son, with her second little boy arriving 3 years later. Becoming a mum was a huge life change which was both exciting and terrifying at the same time! But with her dedicated audience of women who were growing up alongside her, many starting families of their own, she began to focus her content on the ups and downs of life as a Mum, sharing tips, tricks and the realities of motherhood.

      The ideas and inspiration for her next jewellery brand were never far from her mind though, in fact being a mother inspired her more than ever to create a collection that truly encompassed the moments and memories that these special life milestones bring. Her desire to create beautiful, classic, high quality jewellery for all women at an affordable price took her on a 3 year journey of discovering the best materials, crafts people and manufacturing processes to take her designs from the paper she lovingly drew them on and into the hands of the women they would beautifully adorn. 

      Initially setting out to source charms, gemstones and jewellery supplies to craft each piece herself, is soon became apparent that the quality of materials were not up to the standard she wanted to offer, often noticing that pieces would tarnish and discolour very quickly after a few wears. She was also aware that she wanted to create her own unique pieces and not use components she could simple buy and put together or source ready made pieces to sell on. She soon realised that in order to make her vision come to life she would need to find the right manufacturer thus speaking to many before finding the right fit. Each piece of Murae jewellery is hand crafted by skilled and talented artisans in 2.5 micron gold vermeil and sterling silver. Meaning we can offer a product that, if taken care of will stand the test of time but for a fraction of the price of solid gold.

      What does Murae mean?

      When I first came up with the name Murae, it was like a lightening bolt shooting through my body. It was perfect, it was meaningful to both myself and our brand message and I knew in that moment that it was the perfect name.  
      The 'Mur' in Murae is the first part of my family surname and then ‘rae’ are the initials of my husband and sons Rikki, Archie and Elliot. The word 'rae' also evokes a beautiful image of sunshine and a feeling of calmness for me. My family are my ‘rays’ of sunshine, and I have found that in recent years when I have been lucky enough to travel, that I feel at my happiest, and most inspired and confident in the warmth of the sun. My hope is that when you wear a piece of our jewellery, and you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror or see it glimmer in light it will remind you of the people, places, moments and memories that make you feel like sunshine.


      Kate says...

      "This brand means so much to me. It has taken a long time to get here but I have put in countless hours of time and every ounce of passion to bring my vision for Murae to life. I want each and every piece to radiate that and for every woman that owns a piece of our jewellery to feel special every time they wear it."